Friday, January 15, 2010


Next summer, July 12-16, the Oregon Coast Book Writers will proudly present the eighth Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers Workshop, in the exquisite Oregon coast town of Oceanside. The instructors for the workshop will include five established children's book authors (between them, specializing in YA and middle school novels, picture books, non-fiction, magazine pieces, and poetry), two children's book editors from major houses, and one children's book agent. Summer Workshop 2010 promise to be their best yet because

- The instructor-student ratio will be a maximum of one to six,
- Each day, you will meet with an instructor for at least one comprehensive consultation, and
- You can have one-on-one informal meetings with instructors each day as well, and
- Every student who wishes can have an anonymous first page manuscript critique by all eight instructors in front of the class, and
- We will offer at least twelve instructional lectures on various aspects of writing and publishing, and
- There will be two evening readings/discussions by instructors, and
- Out-of-class consultations with instructors are available, and
- There will be at least three guest lectures, and
- There will be two wonderful parties (quite appropriate for friends, partners, spouses, children)

If you are ambitious to publish a children's book (or simply adore children's books), this is the workshop for you. It will allow you to connect directly with authors, editors, agents who are active in the children's book business. If you go to the website and look under Evaluations, you'll see that it's received extraordinarily high praise (some listed below).

The course is available for graduate credit.

For complete information they welcome you to visit their website at

The workshop tends to fill up early so, if this is of interest, you may want to register sooner than later. There's a generous refund policy (described at the website) if you decide not to attend.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers Workshop.

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  1. I did have the opportunity to attend this workshop last year. I loved it so much that I made sure I had the time and resources to go back this year. It was a great experience you spend an entire week immersed in the writing process. The class usually has no more than 30 students in it. You have a daily consult with at either an author, editor or agent plus the opportunity to sign up for more if you want.

    The instructors are wonderful they are all published authors who remember what it’s like to be in our shoes trying to get published.

    The lectures are great and there is also an opportunity for you to get the first page of your work looked at by all eight instructors and commented on. As nerve racking, as this was it was helpful to every one who was brave enough to put a first page up.

    Oceanside beautiful and the classroom is right on the ocean with a breathtaking view. This is a great conference to attend if you want to kick-start your writing or fine tune projects you have been working on.


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